That will notify you about their adventures


For curious toddlers...

Juvo - Home Friend is designed to monitor child's activities. Sensors positioned on the ceiling in your home will recognize your curious toddler and activate a singing plush toy. Juvo will occupy him for few moments and distract him from his sneaky adventures.

No more secret candy rescue missions or climbing Mt. Bookcase while mommy isn't watching.

For curious toddlers...
... and peaceful moms

... and peaceful moms

With Juvo, you will be notified about your child's activities in those short moments when you are not with your toddler. Any unplanned movement will be reported to you through your mobile phone or smart watch.

Answering a phone call, checking a lunch or heaving a short break from now on will be less stressful.

How it works?

1. Sensor registers child’s

Sensors recognize child by height and react on child's movement only.

2. Parents receive

Notifications are immediately sent to parents through their mobile phone or smart watch.

3. Plush toy starts

Plush toy starts singing or talking with recorded parent's voice to distract a child for few moments.

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